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Graphic Design Portfolio

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Science Vocabulary Vector Art Flashcards

Lone Star Learning

I created a series of vector art illustrations depicting essential science vocabulary words, which were compiled into educational flashcards for elementary school students. These flashcards, aligned with the Texas STAAR curriculum, are designed to make science concepts engaging and accessible. Utilized by various schools, they effectively aid in teaching and reinforcing key scientific terms, blending visual appeal with educational value to enhance student learning and retention.


Web Advertisements

The Table Group/Working Genius

This are a series of Google ads that I designed for the The Table Group and The Working Genius. Part of these ads were created to promote their new product, the Student Assessment. These ads were crafted to be engaging and visually aligned with the brand's aesthetic, effectively highlighting the features and benefits of the Student Assessment. My contributions to the visual identity and promotional materials helped ensure the successful launch and reception of the product.

Okthanks Visual System V4-02.jpg

Apparel Design 


In part with Ink Giant, I created an apparel design for a nonprofit organization, which incorporated their branding. The design captures the spirit of the organization, featuring eye-catching elements that promote their mission and identity. This project successfully combined creativity and brand consistency, resulting in a visually appealing shirt that effectively represents and supports the nonprofit's cause.

Okthanks Visual System V4-02-02.jpg
Modo Meti Menu V4-02.jpg

Digital Drive-Thru Menu 

Moto Medi

This is a digital menu for a Mediterranean fast-food restaurant, Moto Medi, focusing on clarity, visual appeal, and ease of use. The menu layout highlights the restaurant's diverse offerings, with vibrant imagery and organized sections to enhance the customer experience. This project involved balancing aesthetic elements with practical functionality to create an inviting and efficient ordering process for patrons.

Bear Essentials V2-export-03.jpg

Vitamin Bottle Package Design

Natural Rhthym - Bear Essentials

For this project, I created a series of concepts for a vitamin bottle. These concepts effectively convey the product's natural and adventurous essence, aligning with the company's brand identity. The portfolio piece showcases the creative process and diverse design concepts pitched, highlighting the successful blend of visual storytelling and brand representation.


Brand Identity and Logo Design

Multiple Clients

This section showcases a series of logos and brand identities created for various companies, in collaboration with Ink Giant. The process involved extensive research, concept development, and iterative design to ensure each brand's unique vision and values were accurately represented. From initial sketches to final digital renderings,