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Squired! Issue #1

We join our beloved heroes, Knight and Squire on their very first quest together! These two enthusiastic lads are on the hunt for a legendary beast, somewhere deep within a dangerous, dark cavern. Will they succeed as a team or be dead meat by the end of this comic? Well it’s the first issue of a series, so...probably not? Join Knight and Squire on this daring adventure!

Squired is my newest book, a 25-page fantasy/comedy comic book for all ages! The book also contains a tribute gallery at the end made by many talented artist-friends.

Squired Cover.png

Chicken Sheriff

The wild west tells a legend of a menacing outlaw, determined to take over the small town of Boothill and rob it blind. However, this outlaw may have more than he bargained for. To his surprise, he is confronted by the town's feathered peace-keeper, a Chicken Sheriff! The townsfolk seem convinced that Chicken Sheriff will protect them, but Outlaw Jim refuses to accept the situation. Can Chicken Sheriff hold is own against a deadly desperado? We can only hope!

Chicken Sheriff is my first self-published book, made in 2019.


I have decided to discontinue printing and selling this book as of March, 2024. However, Chicken Sheriff will return!

Dave Gets A Turtle 202329.jpg

Dave Gets a Turtle

Do you like throwing parties, playing loud music, and having fun? Well...Dave doesn't. Dave is a big grouch, but even the grumpiest people need a friend! One day, Dave feels lonely and decides to get a nice pet turtle. A simple, quiet animal...right? To his surprise, this turtle may be more trouble than he thought! Get ready for a wild night!

​Dave Gets A Turtle is my second book, a children's book made in 2020. Check out the Reading Rainbow style video I released for it.

Sterling Zine 202278.jpg

Howdy Magazine

Howdy Magazine is a collection of my webcomics, illustrations, sketches and more from the previous three years. It also includes written blurbs - comments on my drawings as well as advice to new artists. It was made in 2022.

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